Company Profile

Foerdertechnik is a proudly South African Company, with more than 30 years of excellent service and delivery of Materials Handling Goods. Through our innovation in the design of both industrial and food grade Modular Belting and Conveyors we have become a leader in Conveyor Technology. Our products are designed to meet the conveying needs of many industries across Africa and Abroad. Our continued partnership with European based companies allows us to remain at the forefront of conveying applications. All our Modular Belts and Conveyors are locally manufactured with excellent spares backup. The palletising equipment of the old Fordertechnik Germany, are today distributed worldwide by HSK GmbH Germany. We have been appointed as agents in South Africa to distribute and maintain all old and new equipment.

Through the development of our unique Modular Belt, we have specialised in Conveyors for Unit Goods Handling. Our range includes Curved, In-line, Spiral and Product Transfer Conveyors. Thus, Foerdertechnik continues to provide its unique products and services to a variety of industries.